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  • Evolve Road Safety Related Database

    Establishing a road safety information database that will be a valuable resource for analyzing data aligned with National Road Safety Information System of the Government. This will help in identifying trends, assess risk factors, endeavour to evaluate causatives factors helping design better Road safety policies by the Government.

    Safety Indexed Drivers

    We shall provide a credible and consistent model to evaluate Drivers with KYC - we call it KYD - KNOW YOUR DRIVER that will help in weeding out high road-risk Drivers democratically. Use of Driver Tracking devices coupled with Telematics will go a long way in understanding Driver’s risk behaviour and preventive assessments thereof. Using ITS and Video & Speech Analytics will help identifying drivers with high road risks.

    Research for Road Safety

    Drivuum shall endeavour to identify research areas, carry out R & D, support Government initiatives, seek Government support in carrying out such activities, use technology and social marketing tools to create awareness. Besides, use of in-house developed rating system will we leveraged for mass adoption of traffic rules, safety guidelines and improved roadmanship. Some of the pillars of our research initiatives will be:

    Statistical Data to support Policymakers.

    Helping adopt Global Best Practices

    Developing LMS to educate, train and assess Individuals / Driverss

    Helping to evolve BE SAFE | BE SURE ecosystem

    Creating Road Safety Ecosystem

    Road safety knowledge and awareness will be created amongst the population through education, training and publicity campaigns. Road safety education will also focus on school children and college going students, while road safety publicity campaigns will be used to propagate good road safety practices among the community. Rating system will grade Drivers on their safety index creating appropriate market for safe Drivers, be it individuals or commercial Drivers.

    Driver Skill Rating

    Public Awareness Campaigns

    School-based Programs

    Driver Education & Health Check Programs

    Focused Workshops

    Helping Adherence to Safety Laws

    Compliance plays a critical role in all human activities. We at Drivuum are committed to safety norms as envisioned in Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR Act 1989) and promote global best practices. Moreso, Acts and enactments may be static in nature but safety needs evolve with passage of time and with underlying factors like Road Conditions, Vehicle Technology, Vehicular Density on the Roads, demographics, economic development, risk behaviour etc

    Thus, helping adherence to Safety Laws through positive reinforcements, Workshops, Behavioural Trainings, we are dedicated to creating safer road environment. We are aware that promoting adherence to safety laws entails understanding the mindset, perceptions and attitudes of population at large. This again will require behavioural training, understanding of the big picture as regards to adherence to rules and benefits thereof. Drivuum aspires to play its part in education, training, motivation towards adherence to rules and incentivize through its aspirational product viz., Drivuum Score.

    Drivuum is committed in the long run to make all drivers on the road an informed driver, aware of their responsibilities, road rules and duty towards society. Through this initiative we are confident to contain and reduce road accidents by adopting Drivuum's process.

  • About Us

    “Distinction has to be made between who is a good human being and who is a good driver. If there is a convergence, nothing like it but oftentimes we tend to club the two unknowingly or overlook the risks associated with our belief system.” – Subhash Chandra – Founder, Drivuum

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