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  • About Us

    Drivuum is a Drivers’ Skill Rating Product captured through an in-house developed and structured patented (provisional filed) process made available ubiquitously. It makes a risk-assessment based on a 360° view of an individual giving a score on a continuum of 1-10 points. We call it Drivuum Score. It uses good amount of technology including AI, ML, Bot, Cloud hosted servers etc

    Drivuum is a unit of Pārakhi Skill Systems Pvt Limited, a Company recognized by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India as a start up. Currently we are under incubation at IIT Patna (Foundation for Innovators in Science & Technology – FIST under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India.

    We endeavour to bring down road accidents and address various people, societal and industry issues in road transportation. In short, we are creating a “Drive Safe” ecosystem through testing, training, education and support other institutions towards the same goal.

    Our product under development targets reduction in accidents by 20% that may translate into national saving of 100k Crore per annum

    We are a team of professionals designing competency matrix and algorithm that mitigate risks on roads. The entire process is democratic and is positioned as aspirational product that will help in weeding out high road-risk drivers.

    Drivers as a workforce are treated as a commodity in the country. Anyone with a licence and some experience gets the job but way decided by geography, industry and demand. But not his skills and/or safety index(We call it Drivuum Score)

    Neither a Driver commands a premium for being a good and safe driver nor there is a mechanism to segregate good, bad and ugly. All are just a commodity. This realization comes at a huge cost when nation bleeds ~5 lakh Crore per annum due to road accidents related deaths. a huge 72% of accidents are attributable to driving failure (human failure). This helplessness has been the basis for Drivuum to come up with solution that addresses the problems squarely with the use of Technology.

    One shudders to think that the School Bus Driver who ferries children daily may be actually physiologically unfit to be on the road or is an addict or physically / emotionally challenged. Good drivers henceforth may not be a mere commodity across geographies but an important resource for business or household. Good rated drivers may command higher remuneration and vice versa. Hence, Drivuum seeks to operate in B2B and B2C space benefiting all end users. Our process gives credence to Driver’s Skills that helps end users like Transport operators, Fleet Owners, Cab Aggregators and Insurance Companies to assess risks and take appropriate decisions.

    We aim to create value for good drivers, businesses and Insurance Companies.

    Our product will create an ecosystem that may benefit the Nation by reducing road accidents, it will assist Government Agencies in tracking erring Drivers and create a database of such drivers on cloud to be used ubiquitously by all end users. This will enable businesses to manage risks effectively and adopt appropriate hiring policy, reduced insurance costs and higher profitability with better on-the-road efficiency. Individuals may gain better peace of mind while being driven by one or sending children to school, for example. It empowers the entire transport ecosystem.

    As the nation progresses, vehicular density is bound to increase enhancing complexities on Roads with high speed capacity There has not been much done on this aspect of road safety whereas it has a major causal ratio. Drivuum is an attempt on this aspect, first of its kind. Most of the work on road safety has been done on vehicular technology and roads.

    Therefore, Drivuum addresses a critical developmental paradox of higher mortality with better roads! Of late Nation is besieged with this dilemma and the need has arisen for this product. By collecting, analysing, and delivering information on the history of millions of drivers, we empower businesses and traffic police to track habitual offenders who may have changed their location of employment. We attempt to address evolving needs of the transportation sector, insurance companies and society at large.

    Thus, our Tag Line is “Be Safe | Be Sure”.

    Who Are We ?

    The team comprises of experienced professionals who understand Risk Management in and out through long years with Banking, IT, Flying, Indian Army, Medical Profession etc

    What We Stand for

    “India has attained the status of road accident capital of the World” – (Various Research sites and documents from the sector experts). Deaths due to road accidents last year was 168000+ (NCRB Data) Drivuum aspires to reduce this number by atleast 20%.


Innovate and design processes to make Indian Roads safer by international standards and mitigate road risks and related accidents and thus contributing significantly to national GDP.


Work assiduously to minimize road accidents by weeding out elements that are high risks on roads using technology and various other techniques like behavioural, road safety education, creating awareness, enhanced, compliance orientation etc. To help the Transport ecosystem to be more efficient, compliant and responsible thereby saving the country of scarce resources. We at Drivuum shall endeavour to reduce road accidents by 20%.

  • Do not drink and drive.

  • Do not drive on the wrong side.

  • Always wear a helmet!

  • Drive within the speed limits

  • About Us

    “Distinction has to be made between who is a good human being and who is a good driver. If there is a convergence, nothing like it but oftentimes we tend to club the two unknowingly or overlook the risks associated with our belief system.” – Subhash Chandra – Founder, Drivuum

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